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Currently 31 years old, I fly as a First Officer for a major South American airline on the Boeing 767 fleet.
Although aviation has always been my passion, computer science and photography have always fascinated me and I’ve tried to always combine them.

Before studying aviation I graduated with honors as a Computer Systems Engineer in Quito, Ecuador. I worked mainly in the software development industry and recently I have developed a few iOs Apps for Pilots. Photography came later in my life after I borrowed a film SLR camera from my father and discovered such an amazing world. Now, after about 5 years into digital photography, I’ve developed Storm Potraits, a collection of Aerial Storm & Weather photography from the perspective of an Airline Pilot. From this collection, I’ve been awarded a 3rd price on National Geographic’s Nature Photographer of the Year 2016 contest. My photography has also been published on The Washington Post, AOPA Magazine, as well as in some other media around the world.

You can find my Appe Developer Profile here:
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